It’s no secret that I am an 80’s geek. I love 80’s movies, music and my fondest memories are from the 80’s. So when I heard that Peters ice cream along with KISS were going to relaunch their classic 80’s Icy poles I was a very happy man! Now KISS are the masters of marketing mainly due to Gene Simmons entrepreneur qualities and it comes to no surprise that they relaunched the KISS Icy poles to coincide with their 40th anniversary MONSTER World Tour which kicked off in Perth on the 28th of February.

The marketing campaign started with the Icy poles being sold only as individual items at all StarMart Caltex petrol stations. You can see more of the wrapping artwork in the gallery. The original 80’s Icy poles came in 3 layered flavours being grape, strawberry and lemonade. The new version has the grape replaced with cola.

It was Feb 14th and it was a hot day so the timing was perfect to sink my teeth into the Thunderbolt Icy poles. Everything tasted fantastic and for a moment I started to feel a sense if nostalgia, the 80’s was truly a wonderful time for me. Full credit to KISS for relaunching this product, they did very well and it’s every fans dream to own a box of this collectable item. The packaging and artwork is fantastic, very detailed and for good measure they added all the tour dates where KISS will be performing in Australia.

Now for the disappointing part, although the Thunderbolt box artwork is great I was a little let down by the icy pole wrapping because it’s just plain generic. Obviously this is done purposely for 2 reasons marketing and costs. The caltex version is a 5 colour print whilst the Coles Box version is a single print. Another point is that out of the 2 boxes that I purchased, I only got Gene Simmons and Thommy Thayer no Paul Stanely nor Eric Singer more marketing maybe? hmmm…

Overall this is a fantastic piece of KISStory and I will always have a box for safe keeping. I wish they could of stuck to the original band members artwork from the 80’s, at the end of the day there is only one Spaceman and Catman.

Love to hear your feedback….